Asuman  Doğan Resim Sergisine Hoşgeldiniz


Asuman is a Turkish Canadian watercolour artist living in Izmir. She also lives and paints for several months each year in Canada. Born in Turkey in 1963, Asuman graduated from the Dokuz Eylul University in Buca, Izmir where she studied Fine Arts with a speciality in painting and sculpture.

Asuman has a profound regard for her Turkish heritage and this sentiment is revealed in her painting. Through her choice of subject she sensitively captures the essence of a traditional way of life that is quickly disappearing. The panoramic scenes of a small town, the towering minaret of the neighbourhood mosque, the narrow streets and buildings of the small Anatolian villages, all uniquely convey a deep appreciation for the heritage of her country. While her style and particular use of colour, shadow and light is semi expressive, her work is still an authentic documentation of village life in Turkey. Asuman also
enjoys painting still life. Her treatment of these subjects is both creative and imaginative, enhanced by the same technique of loose washes of contrasting colours that bloom into each other, creating a sense of both solidity and transience.
Although, Asuman’s sculptures focus primarily on the female form and traditional village women, her subjects are actually symbolic of the universal struggle of women. She usually works in clay, her fingers are her tools. The result, a figure expressive of both raw vitality and pathos. Critics have likened her style to Rodin.
Following graduation, Asuman travelled extensively, first studying village life throughout her own country. Since then she has also visited and researched the works of most major art museums in Europe and North America and between 1992 and 1997 she lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She now has dual citizenship and is an active member of the Canadian Art Federation. In addition, her exhibitions continue to take her to many of the larger cities in Turkey, Europe and North America.
Asuman married another Turkish artist, Atanur Dogan, while still at university. They have two boys, Atas, born in 1990 and Ata, born in 1998. After university graduation Asuman taught art for five years at different Izmir secondary schools. She is currently teaching art at an American private school in Izmir. She and her husband own and operate the Dogan Art Gallery in Karatas, Izmir where examples of their paintings and sculpture are exhibited. She continues to paint and her work enriches many Turkish and foreign collections around the world.

Turkey: Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Nazilli, Dikili, Cesme, Selçuk, Kusadasi
Europe: London, Paris, Zurich
United States: New York, Seattle, Portland
Canada: Toronto, Ottawa, Victoria, Edmonton, Vancouver
Taiwan: Taipei
The Ankara Governor’s Award, 1989
North Vancouver Competition and Display in Lonsdale Quay, 1994

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